Our Story

KSK is one of the UK’s most experienced lion dance team’s and have over two decades of performance experience, with their first show back in 1998. As the UK representative team for the World Lion Dance Champions, you can expect a highly skilled performance.

The team’s ability to deliver vibrant performances with acrobatic stunts and live music has led to them being booked for events all over the UK. With a strong cultural flair, that has led to bookings from a diverse range of customers, from a performance at a school to full blown dazzling parties and ceremonies.

The team has performed at events such as the Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum which included the lion being awakened by then Prime Minster Gordon Brown, The unveiling of the Singapore airlines A380 Airbus, Avatar Premiere at Prince Charles cinema, Performing at the Diamond Jubilee in Green Park, an impromptu performance for Jackie Chan on the set of “Shanghai Knights”. In addition, the team has clients from a Michelin restaurant to International Companies.

With the team’s experience, not only in performances but also International competition they are able to perform according to the layout and the client’s expectation. The core members competed in the 2000 and 2008 World Lion Dance Championships in Malaysia. The team coach is also an International Lion Dance Judge, having judged at a World Championships level since 2004.

With a colourful and vibrant display the dance is a fantastic choice for either a main performance, welcoming guests into a venue, mix”n”mingle, making an entrance with VIPs or a Grand opening. We can ‘provide sets from 10-25 minutes in length and/or
Greeting guests as they arrive at venue with lion.
Leading VIPs and/or guests into room or area.
Awakening the lion.
Dotting the eyes of a brand new lion (you will become the sponsor of the lion which will bare your name on the head).

Your next event deserves a pedigree team, don’t delay get in touch today.


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